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Probate is the legal proceeding used to transfer assets from a deceased person’s estate to
their beneficiaries. Probate can be very complicated and it is important to know just what
lies ahead for your beneficiaries.

Probate is TIME-CONSUMING. Probate usually takes at least one year to complete, but
often much longer. In the meantime, the assets are generally held in an estate account and
inaccessible to the beneficiaries.

Probate is EXPENSIVE. Probate is a formal legal proceeding. As such, there are filing
fees, Commissioner of Account fees, probate taxes, bonds, and other costs and fees that
often amount to several thousands of dollars.

Probate is PUBLIC. Probate goes through the court system. This means all documents
associated with the estate are filed and part of the public record. This also makes it easy for
any creditors to attack estate assets.

Probate is AVOIDABLE. Probate is the default. It is the process that is available when
there are no other options. However, probate can be easily avoided using a properly funded
Living Trust.

By avoiding probate, your estate can be resolved quickly, cost effectively, and privately.
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